Policy of Life of Gospel

Life of Gospel website is a Christian religious website that displays Christian services for visitors such as displaying the Bible and search in it and other topics of interest to Christians. The life of Gospel website does not display or mention any other religion or doctrine or sect, and is not abusive to anyone, but his goal is the Christian affairs only. The site also does not represent any church or Christian organization and does not speak on behalf of anyone, but it is a free website that displays christian services from the Orthodox perspective. We are committed in the website by the Christian teachings of Christ which in the Bible.


Life of Gospel website respects the privacy of its visitors in a big manner and does not store any information about visitors while browsing and does not publish or sell it. The life of Gospel website displays general pages for all people and any person can see any page but the website keeps the copyright.

You may see in the website Ads from different Ads Networks, these Ads use Cookies files inside your browser which enables it to know the language or the field of your favourite websites in order to see ads you want to see, but at the same time it does not store any personal information about you and does not expose it to anyone nor sell it. You can prevent the use of Cookies files in any time though your browser settings.

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