Old Testament Stories

Creation Story
The Creation
This story is very interesting because it talks about the begining of creation the world and how was the world nothing and how the God created the plants, animals, heaven and how he prepared all this for the comfortability of the man and his happiness. more

Cain and Abel Story
Cain and Abel
Cain and Abel are brothers and they are the sons of Adam and Eve, in this story we see what is the effect of the sin on the man which makes him full of hate. more

Noah's Ark Story
Noah's Ark
When the man fell from the Garden of Eden, the human turned into two types: one is walking in the way of righteousness, and with God, and the other is walking in the way of sin forgetting what God has ordered. But evil has increased in the world. more

Adam's Fall Story
Adam's Fall
When God created the universe he also created the Garden of Eden and make Adam lives with Eve in peace, but something happened that made them out of it. more
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