New Testament Stories

Zacharias the priest Story
Zacharias the Priest
Zacharias was a good priest who serverd in the temple of the LORD with honesty and he was serving his people too. He was a humble man and his wife Elisabeth was barren and they were getting old, they were praying always to the LORD to bring them a son. more

Christmas Gifts
Christmas day is a day of Joy and Peace to the whole world because he came as a redeemer to the humans, as a bruiser to the devil. He came also to accomplish what is written by the prophets concerning him. He came to be a king to us but not an earthy king but rather an heavenly king. more

John the Baptist Story
John the Baptist
John the Baptist was preaching people to repentance for the remission of sins in order to prepare for the Lord a prepared people, and his father was named Zacharias and his mother named Elizabeth and the prophecies had written about him before he was born that he will come first, then Christ. more

Peter the Men Catcher
Peter the Men Catcher
In some day Peter went with James and John, sons of Zebedee, in order to catch fish because this was their job and as usual they can find many fish or find nothing, but something happened when Jesus went to them. more

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