The purpose of studing the Characters of the Bible

The spiritual life and the spiritual relationship of any christian person with God consists of several ways that help him to grow spiritually For example Praying, Going to church, Reading Bible and Obeying the commandments of God, but there is an important thing too and it is the deeply studying in all the Characters of the Bible whether they were Prophets, Kings, Apostles or even spiritual normal persons. You will find also spiritual lesson from the evil Characters! How is that? can the evil Character gives us lesson in resisting the evil?, yes it can and that by seeing the end of the story where the fair punishment of God come into it either on the earth or in the heaven, then you give glory to God in that time and say to yourself (I'll always follow the commandments of God and i'll be with him in all the times and i won't let my end like those evils).

And after you read any story of these Characters, you have to speculate and think of the Characters profiles and benefit from it in your personal relation with God and get closer from God more and more, and learn how was the Character resisting the evil by the word of God and ask yourself some questions, are your Character is identical with this one? or maybe you want to grow your relation with God by having the features of this one, or maybe you saw some sins that like your sins that works against the God's will and you want to get recovered of it. If you came closer to God, he will come closer to you, and if you get far of him, you will see his deeply love and he will ask about you always until you come to him again, but you have to come to him quickly before it is too late and to be not like the foolish virgins that didn't have the enough oil to trim their lamps so they became late to meet the bridegroom and the door was shut. The Characters of the Bible are many, so we show you some of it.

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